What to Wear Over 40–Shopping the Summer Sales III

This is a great time of the year to purchase fall clothes, shoes and boots that are on sale from last year. I’m looking for great deals on not-too-trendy pieces that will jump start my fall wardrobe. I don’t want to spend too much though, because I want to save the bulk of my fall budget for things that are starting to hit the stores.

Here are my picks for fall deals and steals:

I wanted to buy this DKNY (at Bloomindales.com) last winter, I can’t believe I have another opportunity–at a great price! With it’s cropped length and 3/4 sleeve, it still looks fresh:

DKNY on sale BloomiesAt less than half it’s original price, this sweater jacket just can’t be passed up. Over gray flannels or jeans, it adds an instant pop (Marc Jacobs at chickdowntown.com):

Marc Jacobs at ChickdowntownHere is a great basic jacket at a great price. From Theory (at chickdowntown.com), throw this jacket over slacks or a dress and you’re easily office-ready:

Theory at ChickdowntownIf you’re in the market for a leather jacket this year, this one from Barney’s New York is stylish and reasonably priced (from Rogan at barneys.com):

Rogan Edmonds at Barney'sIf you time it right, you should never have to pay full price for basics. You’ll wear these gray flannel slacks (Rogan at barneys.com) for years–and they’re half the original price!

Rogan at Barney'sThese wide leg balck slacks from Milly (at chickdowntown.com) are a graceful drape of gorgeous fabric that you can dress up or down. Truly a classic and again, half their original price:

Milly at ChickdowntownThis skirt, from Robert Rodriguez (at chickdowntown.com) has a flattering, tapered shape and classic details, you’ll wear it all fall and winter:

Robert Rodriguez at ChickdowntownHere’s a cute dress that you can wear now and add a black long sleeved T and tights and wear it all fall and winter too (Lily McNeal at chickdowntown.com):

Lily McNeal at ChickdowntownNow is a great time to get that pair of classic black boots that are way too expensive at full price. This pair, from Jill Sandner (at barneys.com), were originally $1,275 and are still at the top of my budget, but I would wear them over and over again for years and years:

Jill Sandner at Barney's

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