What to Wear Over 40–Shopping the Summer Sales II

Akris at SaksMy after July 4th shopping philosophy:

  • buy staples like T-shirts and jeans while they’re on sale
  • buy warm weather clothes in classic silhouettes that will still look great next year (see my last post, Shopping the Summer Sales I)
  • splurge on a designer piece or two that I couldn’t possible afford at full price. One caveat–I have to LOVE it for 10 years and it has to be something that fits into my wardrobe–no sequined T-shirts or chartreuse stilettos, no matter how great a deal!
  • hunt for great deals on the fall/winter clothes left over from last year (that is the subject of my next post, Shopping the Summer Sales III)

My go to stores for out of the stratosphere designer clothes are Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Barney’s New York. Unfortunately, eluxury.com has stopped selling clothes or it would have been on my list too.

Here’s what I found on sale in the uber pricey category:

I wear pants a lot and I’m always looking for staples in luxurious fabrics with beautiful tailoring and excellent fit. You do get what you pay for and the biggest difference between designer slacks and pants and less expensive versions is the fabrication. Give me silk, wool and fine cotton; these fabrics drape beautifully and look great after many cleanings.

Armani makes classic clothes in luxurious fabrics; this pair of beige silk trousers (at Neiman Marcus.com) will still look this good in ten years :Armani at Neiman Marcus

I heart these dark slate  (such a fresh alternative to black) taffeta pants also by Armani (at Neiman Marcus.com). These can be worn all year with the appropriate season’s top or jacket:Armani 2 at Neiman Marcus

I found a great Stella McCartney skirt in an up-to-date shape (at Neiman Marcus):Stella McCartney at Neiman Marcus

I drool over Akris, but at full price, it’s way out of my league. This silk organza jacket (at Saks Fifth Avenue.com) is still pricey but it is truly a gorgeous classic; it’s one of those things that you won’t wear often enough to look like your repeating, but you’ll keep it forever:Akris at Saks

This cotton tank from Vera Wang (at Neiman Marcus.com) was on my wish list for spring/summer, but at $565 it was way over my budget. I think it’s so cute with narrow black pants:Vera Wang at Bergdorf Goodman

This long, cool drink of water in silver hammered charmeuse by Vera Wang (at Chickdowntown.com) is sublime! It would be the perfect mother of the bride or groom dress. Wear it long for a few years, then cut it off into cocktail length and get several more years out of it:Vera Wang at Chickdowntown

Shoes are a little harder to buy on sale.  I like fairly trendy shoes paired with the classic clothes I love, but I don’t want to spend a ton of money on them so I rarely spend more than $200 for shoes and $300 for boots and they’re fairly affordable at full price.

To follow my 10 year rule, shoes have to be very classic; those tried and true styles that keep coming back over and over again.

These black patent leather driving mocs from Tod’s (at Bergdorf Goodman) are a true classics, adding instant polish to jeans or khakis:Tod's at Bergdorf Goodman

I’ve never owned a pair of Manalo’s, maybe because I can’t wear 5″ stilettos, but these sandals available in silver and gold have a manageable heel and a style that will look good for years (at Barneys.com). And on sale I can actually afford them!Manola Blahnik at Barney's on Sale

Cowboy boots are always in style for those with a Southwestern vibe to their wardrobe and for the rest of us they come into style at least every three years. You can’t pass up this great pair from Gucci at (Barney’s.com)–almost 1/3 the original price!Givenchy at Barney's on Sale

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