Spring’s Sheer Fabrics (from Cheryl Shops)

sheer-top.jpg  I found some nice sheer tops on the blog Cheryl Shops, I like this one because it would make a plain, easy to sew knit top look unique.  I  check in with this blog often to see what Cheryl has found on the web–I like her taste and find some copy-worthy fashions. Here is her post: Spring Shopping Guide: Sheer

There is nothing practical about sheer fabric, so of course the fashion community wholly embraced the trend after last fall’s Spring 2008 runway shows. There is no question that sheer fabrics are beautiful–they’re floaty, they skim the body, and they’re airy and diaphanous. Oh, and they’re sexy. But in order to wear sheer pieces in public and not look like a hooker,


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