Tailored Jackets for Fall

As I’m perusing the media (magazines, web, movies and t.v.) looking for fall fashions to sew, I’m uninspired. Usually fall has me drooling over beautiful clothes done up in sumptuous fabrics. Haven’t found many worth passing on at this time, but I will share what I do find.

Here’s an article from Fabulous Over 40 with their picks of the top jackets of the season. For the most part, I agree, though I’ll add more ideas as I find them. (I do love the Armani pictured above–perfect to dress up or down.) 

After all, as sewist, we can have any design we desire, so why not desire the best? Like the Akris designs I recently shared with you. I’ll be digging up some more ideas from the top of the heap and posting them soon.

Ta-ta for now!

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