Project Runway–What would you do?

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I’d like to write an in-depth article about this season’s Project Runway, detailing each designer and commenting on their strengths and weaknesses. However, I haven’t watched this season as diligently as past seasons–I’ve seen each episode, but sometimes out of order and my impressions are somewhat mixed-up. Or maybe the mixed-up feeling comes because I don’t see any shining designers this time around and no designs have jumped out at me as “wow, that’s really awesome”. Continue reading “Project Runway–What would you do?”

New site gives new designers the chance to network (from Style Dash)

Here is something interesting from style-dash.jpg , a new social site where designers can promote themselves and sell their creations.

Here’s the article:

Forget Facebook and Myspace (and Bebo and Linked in and Xing…) if you’re a funky fashionista who wants to publicize your talent and break into the industry in a big way, you may find the best way forward is to apply for Project Runway sign up to the most fashion-forward social networking site on the net.


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Sew it yourself (from The Thoughtful Dresser)

Here’s an article I’ve been waiting to see, it says that sewing machine sales are way up. You can tell that interest in sewing is increasing just by going to a local JoAnn or Hancock Fabrics. Those stores used to be ghost towns and now they’re buzzing. 

The consensus is that the renewed interest is because of a lack of original boutiques and clothing and for economic reasons. I’ll add to that and say that I think Project Runway has had a big impact on exciting want-to-be sewers. 

Now, to see the reemergence of independently owned fabric stores that offer top quality fabric and knowledgeable staff…

Here’s the article:

courtesy of the Sewing DivasI know some readers will be delighted to hear that there has been a huge jump in home dressmaking,


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