Suiting Picks for Fall ’09

At this time of the year number one on my fall wardrobe list is a great suit; it becomes the backbone of my wardrobe. Luckily, nice looking suits can be had at any price point, but this is where it pays to be able to sew it yourself and have the out of reach designer looks and beautiful fabrics.

Here are my fall 2009 suiting picks:

Akris at NM#1  The Splurge–if money were no object, I’d go for this suit by Akris. It’s structured without being boring, the red and burgundy combo has a creative flair and nothing is more flattering than a fitted jacket with a belt–instant hourglass figure! If you’ve ever purchased Akris, you know that their fabrics are sumptuous (this jacket is cashmere/silk) and their tailoring is soft, but finely executed.

This suit has one more advantage, the skirt and jacket can be worn separately. Usually I suggest that matching suits only be worn together. First of all, it’s hard to make a suit,  say a pinstripe suit, look like separates. Secondly, if you wear the jacket or the pants/skirt more or less, one piece looks worn out well before the other (more wear and tear, more cleanings). Akris suit available at Neiman Marcus.

MaxMara at Saks#2  This suit by MaxMara is at the top of my budget; I don’t spend this much on clothes unless I know I’ll get lots of wear from them. This suit is beautifully tailored and can be dressed up with a lacy cami underneath or can go casual with a t-neck, as shown.  And again, it has that universally flattering fitted top with belt silhouette. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

DKNY suit, photo from
DKNY suit, photo from

#3  I came across this suit, by DKNY, while perusing the fall 2009 RTW runway shows. I searched all over the web for it, but alas, it must not be available at this time. When I find it (and I WILL find it!), I’ll let you know where it can be purchased.

Usually suits from DKNY are very affordable, the jackets are less than $400 and the pants/skirts around $150. I love, love, love this suit because it’s stylin’ without being over the top. The short jacket with the full, tapered pant is a trendy look that will stick around for awhile, I’d say this suit has a shelf life of  two or three seasons. I’d wear it with the striped sweater–what a great look for women of a certain age who want to look urban chic. The gray flannel is spot-on for fall.

I still haven’t found a pants pattern in this new baggy on top, tapered leg style, but I’ve been experimenting with altering a tailored pants pattern into this style. Adriana at The Princess Seam did this with a BWOF pattern and posted a review of the project on Pattern–her pants look great!

Ta-ta for now!


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