Project MyWay #25–Orange Linen Dress

Project MyWay 25 Orange Linen DressI’m in a crazy orange phase…it started last summer–I covered my patio furniture in an orange print, then I bought an orange bathing suit and then I made Project MyWay #9, a Diane von Furstenbeg knock-off top in an orange print.

Now orange seems like the perfect summer color. Orange by itself, orange with yellow, orange with khaki, I could go on and on. Please bear with me while I sucumb to my orange-mania and make a couple of orange dresses.

For this shirtdress I used Neue Mode S 23456. I HATED this pattern, I can see why Neue Mode is no longer shipping to the US. Americans don’t have the patience to add all the seam allowances! However, I took my time and traced every pattern piece and added the required seam allowances. It was soooo confusing because there are 7 sizes on the pattern and my eyes popped out trying to see the line I wanted to use. I don’t see why it would be so hard for the seam allowances to be included, like most patterns.Neue Mode S23456

Once I got the dress cut out, it went pretty smoothly. I used the pocket meant for the hip on the upper bodice–the upper pocket seemed too small. I also took the fullness out of the puffed sleeve and finished the bottom with topstitching instead of a cuff.

I used lots of topstitching to give the simple fabric some detail.Orange Linen Dress

All in all, I think it will satisfy my yen for orange.

Ta-ta for now!

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