Project MyWay #23–Pink Silk Shirt

pmw23-280So, I was copying the picture of the shirt I pulled out of a magazine, (it’s actually a jumpsuit, but I love the top part) and I started with the kimono type sleeve, like in the photograph–what was I thinking?!? I already have the shoulders of a full-back and those sleeves made me look like I was about to take flight!




Luckily I had enough fabric to cut new sleeves and the second version is much improved.





























I used Butterick 5284, View A and made the following changes:

  • I created a covered placket by making an interfaced tube and topstitching it into place
  • I used the sleeve from View A and lengthened it to make a self-cuff
  • I shortened the shirt and straightened the hem and put vents at the side seams
  • I added a fake pocket flap

Here’s a little tip you may or may not know for turning corners when topstitching very close to the edge:

Thread a needle with heavy thread and pull it half way through near the corner just inside your topstitching line:










Topstitch to the corner, turn and use the thread as a handle to pull as you stitch so the feed dogs can work properly and you don’t get some tiny stitches near the corner:





















I shortened the pattern at little and straightened the curved hem and put little vents at the side seams. I like to wear pants with belts with this style shirt, the belt shows a little and  the untucked shirt makes me look slimmer than a shirt tucked-in. (I wear a light weight tank top under the shirt and I tuck that in.)












All in all this was a satisfying project.


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