Michelle and the Red Dress

Don’t ever think that fashion is inconsequential! As well as reflecting the times in which we live, fashion speaks volumes about who we are and what we want to project into the world. This is especially true of those who don’t care how they dress—that’s the strongest message of all.

I love this dress that Michelle Obama wore on her first visit to the White House and I look forward to a new fashion image to go along with the new administration. I’m glad she’s toned down the” Jackie O” look, she is a strong woman and needs her own style, not a reiteration of  someone else’s look.

As we enter a time of hopeful change in our country we need an image of youthful creativeness and exuberance. Something original, something we’ve never seen before. I think Michelle and her wadrobe is up to the task.
Here is a great article from Bonnie Fuller on Huffington Post, outlining all the messages that one red dress sent to the world…

Why Michelle’s Red Dress Just Shook The World

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