How to Fix all Small to Medium Sewing Mistakes

1.  After your garment is finished give it a good final pressing

2.  Hang your garment in the back of  your closet for 2-5 days

3.  Remove garment and voila! You won’t even notice the slightly puckered seam, slightly crooked topstitching or the flare you had to remove from the bottom of your skirt to fit it onto your fabric (or any other little mistake that glared at you while you were sewing)

(Of course, this method won’t work if you sew the sleeves on backwards or put the collar on inside-out. For these mistakes, put your project away for a day or two to avoid flogging yourself, and get out your seam ripper! If you’re gonna sew, you’re gonna rip.)


  1. Good morning,

    I got a brother industrial lockstitch machine. The dog feed is not moving forward/backward at all while the machine is running. That means the garment is not being sent forward. Have you got any idea or solution? Or the dog feed requires to be changed?

    Kind regards,


  2. I don’t know anything about your machine, but sometimes there is a feature that lowers the feed dogs so they don’t push the fabric through and you may need to adjust it somehow to raise the feed dogs. Hope this helps!


  3. Making a lined cape. The lining material was not wide enough to cut in one piece so there is a seam at the center back. The outer fabric was wide enough. I accidently cut into the fold (center back) of the outer fabric (about 12″ from the bottom of the cape). How can I finish or repair my mistake? I have a serger and a conventional sewing machine.

  4. I have altered a dress and the skirt is tulle and i have pulled the fabric on the beads how can i get rid of the pulls

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