Fashion Role Models for Women

This is a frustrating subject because in our youth centered society, we are flooded with images of young women. Even when older women are in the public eye, most are trying to look years younger than they are which, in my opinion, looks ridiculous.


It’s fairly easy to get inspiration for dressy clothes from celebrities because even the young women wear gorgeous designer stuff that is appropriate for older women. But for every day, running errands and working around the house, what’s an over 40 woman who wants to look current to wear?

Whom can a mature woman look to for inspiration to look fashionable without looking matronly? Not to the department stores where everything is too matchy-matchy, not to the women at the grocery store—that’s a plethora of sweats and not to the fashion magazines where the models are very young and very thin.


I spent hours surfing the web, looking for ideas for casual outfits appropriate for middle age women. I found a handful (unfortunately, mostly on young women) of examples that I can adopt to get out of my jeans-and-a-cashmere sweater rut.


A jacket and jeans. This works for me because I can take the jackets I make and dress them down to wear them every day. The layed t-shirt and sweater keep this outfit looking easy but pulled together:



This outfit is as easy as throwing on a sweat suit but looks sharp because of the stylish coat and great boots. (Another way to use pieces every day instead of “saving” them for dressier occasions.):


Demi arrives at Donna Karan Family Day


Great accessories make the look. We all probably own the pieces of this outfit Halle Berry put together. Very basic, a t-shirt and jeans. It’s special because of the scarf, hat and flats and don’t forget the updated straight leg jean should be worn looooong!”


A not so basic t-shirt and jeans:


A shirt and jeans—Jessica Simpson’s outfit works because of the fit of her shirt and accessories and Sharon Stone’s classic jeans and button down works because she looks so freaking good!:




This outfit is made up of the most basic pieces but looks cool because of the way it’s worn, rolled up pants, flats, scarf:



What I learned from this exercise:


  1. Often it’s all about your jacket or coat. If you have a great looking topper, it doesn’t matter much what’s underneath and you’re seen most often with your coat on in the cold months
  2. All of the pieces in these outfits are in my closet right now or easy to whip up or inexpensive to purchase, I just need to mix things up a little differently
  3. It looks modern and unfussy to wear simple clothes and add your own personality with accessories

 Ta-ta for now!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. Iam 43 and I feel exactly the same way you do about fashion inspiration. I feel good validation, now! lol

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