Fall Wardrobe ’09–Part 1

Many of you have visited my new blog, What to Wear Over 40. One of the reasons Istarted composing outfits for over 40s is because I searched the web for wardrobe ideas for myself and all I found was a lot of outdated advice on how to dress after 40.  I wanted some ideas! Some fodder for my sewing inspiration. So, I decided I just better do it myself. Most retailers cater to younger women (HELLO merchants…who has the income for this expensive clothing?), finding contemporary clothes when you’re older is a matter of weeding out what’s inappropriate (or just plain ugly).

Milly at Chickdowntown

Sometimes it takes me hours to find outfits I truly love, but they’re out there, if I look hard enough. Unfortunately, they’re usually on models that are younger than my daughters!

So, this is my new sewing inspiration. I like to concoct outfits from head to toe; some things I sew, some I buy. When I acquire a total look, it’s amazing how my wardrobe seems to all work together. In the long run, that means fewer items but more options and that fits my personality.

What I need right now are transitional pieces that will work seamlessly into my winter wardrobe. I’ll start with trousers, as I said I’m experimenting with patterns to design a pair of trousers with pleats that taper at the ankle. For the top, I love this silk charmeuse drape neck top, but I also want some version of the Milly top I found on sale at Shop the top Chickdowntown.com that has now sold out. Maybe I’ll make both…here’s the outfit:

A yummy slate gray top from Vince and/or a sophisticated print blouse from Milly with the season’s must-have trousers–pleated at the waist and tapered at the ankle–that can be worn with flats or heels (Alice + Olivia). If there’s a chill in the air, a lightweight sweater coat (Vince), adorable Kate Spade loafers and some dangly silver earrings (click on pictures for more information)

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