Fall Wardrobe ’08–Part 2

I’m so excited–tailoring is back! I’ve been waiting for this since the 80’s, when jackets, slacks and skirts were molded with the finest wool flannels, challis and knits into flattering constructed silhouettes. This time around they’re even better because they are body skimming, sans huge shoulder pads and so are the epitome of graceful, fluid line.

I covet the entire fall RTW line from Akris! The photo above, from their runway show, is perfect for early fall. Look at those narrow pants–they’ll make anybody look tall and slim! I’m glad, as well, to see some suede. I think it’s really classy.

Here are some more great designs:

Another great look for early fall. In Chicago, when the calendar says “autumn” it can be quite warm (even hot!), but summer cottons in bright colors look ridiculous, so an outfit like this is perfect.

Ditto, for early fall. This outfit is available at Bergdorf Goodman:

OMG! Look at these gorgeous coats! And they wouldn’t be very difficult to make–no lapel, gorge line, complicated interfacing (love the camel with light gray combo!):

A great suit:

What an elegant dress! And it’s easy to find wool knits in delectable colors:

This is my favorite–my vision of the perfect fall outfit (also available at Berdorf Goodman):

Ta-ta for now!

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