Design Inspiration

Here’s were I sort through the abundant amount of sewing inspiration available from the web, the runway, the stores, magazines, celebs and the street.

Spring Wardrobe ’08 part 1:  designs for transitioning between winter and spring.

Spring Wardrobe ’08 part 2:  Chaiken Spring RTW ’08, a line I love from beginning to end.

Spring Wardrobe ’08 part 3:  Grabbing a great detail from designer clothing.

Spring Wardrobe ’08 part 4:  Finding wearable looks amid a sea of poofy umpire waisted designs.

Spring Wardrobe ’08 part 5:  A cropped, full jacket even a tailored gal can love.

What to Wear:  Some ideas for my daugher’s graduation ceremony.

Spring Wardrobe ’08 part 6:  Some dressed down looks for weekends and vacations.

Spring’s Sheer Fabrics from Cheryl Shops:  Nice ways to incorporate sheer fabrics into spring fashions.

Special Clothes:  Gathering ideas for fabric and details that can be used for unique clothing.

Magic Wrap Dresses and Tops from stylelist:  Great ideas to get this flattering look into your wardrobe.

Alternatives to Sweats

Fall Shoes and Boots

Fall Wardrobe ‘08–Part 5

Fall Wardrobe ‘08–Part 4

Project Runway–What would you do?

Ruffles, Lace and Florals for Fall?

Fall Wardrobe ‘08–Part 3

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