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Cindy McCain, looking totally glamorous! (From Fabulous After 40)

Cindy McCain and Laura Bush

Cindy McCain and Laura Bush

One of my favorite blogs, Fabulous over 40, posted this entry about how dowdy Laura Bush looks in comparison to Cindy McCain. I agree the two are a good example of how dressing in expensive clothing doesn’t mean you look good. McCain finds that place where beautiful clothes are current and ageless–great sewing inspiration!

It’s also about hairstyle and accessories–it’s easy to kill a look with “your mother’s” hair and jewelry!

Read the entire article here:  Fabulous After 40

Less is More when Dressing Well

Few men are as well dressed as Barack Obama. He has a formula for his classic style:  one part perfectly fitted dark suit, one part crisp white shirt and one part conservative tie, usually in a solid red or blue.  The result:  he always looks confident and stylish. I’m sure he feels like he puts on a  uniform everyday; he has infinite choices, but he wisely sticks to “his” look. And he consistently looks more pulled together than other politicians. (more…)

Tailored Jackets for Fall

As I’m perusing the media (magazines, web, movies and t.v.) looking for fall fashions to sew, I’m uninspired. Usually fall has me drooling over beautiful clothes done up in sumptuous fabrics. Haven’t found many worth passing on at this time, but I will share what I do find.

Here’s an article from Fabulous Over 40 with their picks of the top jackets of the season. For the most part, I agree, though I’ll add more ideas as I find them. (I do love the Armani pictured above–perfect to dress up or down.)  (more…)

The Casual Pants Dilemma–from You Look Fab

Yesterday I was doing my “going on vacation routine”. Today we’re leaving for the 4th of July weekend to visit my 93 year old mother-in-law in Farmtown, USA. I love going to Farmtown, it’s such a refreshing change from the absurdity of the entitled North Shore.

My next Project MyWay garment has been sitting on my cutting table, laid out, all week–a pair of green linen shorts to go with my Project MyWay # 9 the DVF blouse. I was hoping to take this outfit to Farmtown along with a sundress that never even made it to the cutting table. Typical. So, in a scary thunderstorm, I ran to the mall to see what The Gap had on sale.


Magic Wrap Dresses and Tops from stylelist

Wrap dresses and tops are sophisticated, sexy and flattering–what more could you want? I’m going fabric shopping Tuesday to look for fabrics for a couple of wrap tops and dresses. Knits are perfect for wrap designs and of course, fast and easy to put together and comfortable to wear.

This article from stylelist has some great pictures of  wrap dresses and tops that are copy-worthy:




How Sharon Stone Stays Looking Great

sharon-stone.jpgI found this article on Fabulous after 40, it’s originally from the UK’s Mirror. It has some good common sense advice on eating right and looking good without trying to hang on to a too young look.

I don’t think there are many good role models for women over 40. I appreciate women who just want to look good, at any age, not necessarily younger. One of the biggest surprises of middle age is how I still want to look my best. I guess I thought that as I aged it wouldn’t matter so much. I’m definitely going to keep trying because my 93 year old mother-in-law still makes a great effort to look good, so I guess the desire to look good never goes away!

Check out the full article here:


Spring’s Sheer Fabrics (from Cheryl Shops)

sheer-top.jpg  I found some nice sheer tops on the blog Cheryl Shops, I like this one because it would make a plain, easy to sew knit top look unique.  I  check in with this blog often to see what Cheryl has found on the web–I like her taste and find some copy-worthy fashions. Here is her post: Spring Shopping Guide: Sheer

There is nothing practical about sheer fabric, so of course the fashion community wholly embraced the trend after last fall’s Spring 2008 runway shows. There is no question that sheer fabrics are beautiful–they’re floaty, they skim the body, and they’re airy and diaphanous. Oh, and they’re sexy. But in order to wear sheer pieces in public and not look like a hooker,


Read more…

Different tops for skirts and pants (from You Look Fab)

 The untucked shirt thing has been hard for me to wear. I guess I liked the 80’s when a shirt tucked into a skirt or pants with a great belt would really make a statement. But, as I’ve said before, as you get older I think its important to keep up with the major trends. And wearing a shirt tucked in with a great belt looks, well…so 80’s!  Untucked shirts can be a godsend to cover-up a tummy.

 Here’s some good advice from you-look-fab.jpg on how to choose the right length for an untucked top.

tops-for-skirts.jpgIf you’re going to go un-tucked, then tops that look good with skirts are not the same tops that look good with pants or jeans. Length is the key issue:

  • Skirts look best with tailored tops that are shorter in length. This is especially true of A-line skirts where it’s imperative to accentuate the waistline (volume on top of volume doesn’t work). Keep the hem of the top on or just above
  • Pants look best with tops that are 1 to 3 inches above crotch point


Read more…

Ah, to wear beautiful shoes again!


One of the things I’m looking forward to the most is wearing heels again! As my hip has deteriorated over the last 5 years, I’ve slowly gone from marathon runner to semi-cripple and all shoes and boots are out save for sneakers and flats. (Though I do love the Converse I bought, very comfortable and suddenly very stylish.)

Now I’m dreaming of the shoes I’ll buy after my recovery from surgery. I’ve found few beautiful shoes that are truly comfortable and I’m too old to suffer through pain in the name of fashion. Check out this article from shefinds.jpg .com  describing a method of spraying and stretching shoes to make them fit better. Worth a try for sure!

Ta-ta for now!