I’m excited to come to a time in my life when I can make sewing a top priority. I’m an almost empty-nester (youngest of three kids is graduating from high school) and my honey is supportive emotionally and financially. My working life is very tolerable and I have a loving ear to which I can bounce ideas off of and crazy plans for becoming a famous blogger.

I’m a self taught seamstress; I started sewing in college, a bit late to the game. I owned and operated a maternity wear manufacturing business in the early 80’s, a small independent fabric store in the late 80’s, a children’s wear manufacturing business in the early 90’s and an online fabric store in the late 90’s. I had to work a real job for a few years to send my kids to college and now I finally have time to get back to my passion!

I want my blog to be inspiring and informative. I have lots of ideas for it. I want to use up my stash, try new patterns and techniques, update my sewing room, organize my tomes of magazine and web pictures, find new fabric and notion resources and establish relationships with other sewing bloggers.

Sewing is my passion, but I strive to look like I purchase everything I wear (no t-shirts with machine embroidery for me!). Sewing gives me access to ultra expensive designer looks that are out of reach of my budget. The secret to not looking “homemade” is choosing the right fabric and pattern—my forte!

In my posts titled ‘Project MyWay’, I’ll show you how to make designer worthy garments, sometimes in less time than it takes to shop, find and purchase them. (I call it Project MyWay because, being self taught I don’t always do things the “right” way. I’ve developed some techniques of my own that give me the professional look I crave.)


Hope you like my site. I’m happy to answer any and all questions and I’d love your comments!

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