Jeans, Jeans Everywhere


Home again; home again…I’m so glad that trip is behind me. All went exceptionally well and I’m on the fast track to recovery.


In India, I had visions of spring fashions in my head and I’m starting to sort out where I want to begin; more on that in the next few days.


On my trek to India, I spent many hours sitting in O’Hare and Frankford airports and I was overwhelmed by the number of people wearing jeans. All different nationalities of peoples, every style of denim known to man; jeans really are the global dress code. Makes me wish I invested in a denim factory way back when!


From time to time I try to fight this trend and sew and purchase casual pants instead of jeans, but I still grab for my jeans first. If chosen carefully, jeans can be chic and keep your look up-to-date. With jeans, I can wear the designer tops I love and not look overdone. One can find nice jeans in almost any price range. Jeans can cover-up figure flaws and best of all, you can throw them in the wash again and again and again–no ironing necessary.


In winter I wear my jeans with boots and they have to be long enough and wide enough or skinny enough to go with my boots, but in the spring and summer, length is an issue. In the warm weather I usually wear jeans with sandals or ballet flats and it’s important for the length to end at a slim part of my leg, i.e. just above the knee, just under the knee or at the ankle. I stay far away from anything short, mid thigh length and Capri styles that hit mid-calf.


After all of my people watching these are the jeans I want in my spring wardrobe:


Skinny, but not too skinny, at Saks, these are from Cambio and come in dark wash too. Thankfully, some manufacturers are making jeans with a flattering rise; you can tell from the length of this zipper that these hit about an inch below the waist—the best cut for us over 40’s. (We need to stay far, far away from low rise and high waisted jeans!):























I like to have a pair of white jeans long enough to wear with high heeled sandals for causal evenings out. These are Joe’s Jeans at Shop and again, I chose a pair that has a moderately high rise:
























What could be more classic than black jeans, a white t-shirt, sandals and a jeans jacket? These jeans are from Ralph Lauren, I find that his jeans fit well on a mature body, good price too; they’re available at Macy’s:















If these were just an inch or two shorter they would be a perfect substitute for shorts. At the airports I saw lots of cropped jeans with cuffs that hit just below the knee. These were the closest I could find and are from (another good brand for over 40’s) and I love the dark wash (no washed out holey jeans for me):

















This pair from Max are the right length, but look a little too low rise:



























I’m not into colored jeans, but this pair, from Christopher Blue at Nordstrom would be a good substitute for khakis:

















These jeans will account for 50% of my pants wardrobe. I’ll also need some nicer slacks and some casual pants, maybe cargos. But I can make those!


Ta-ta for now!









  1. We love your jeans selections! As image consultants specializing in women over 40, we find that many women live in their jeans. In fact, we just blogged about it! (check out Nordstrom’s is a great place to look for jeans, and they even have a brand called Not Your Daughter’s Jeans that are appropriate for curvy older gals. Lucky you – you can tailor your own to be custom fit just for you!

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