Fall Wardrobe ’08–Part 2

I’m so excited–tailoring is back! I’ve been waiting for this since the 80’s, when jackets, slacks and skirts were molded with the finest wool flannels, challis and knits into flattering constructed silhouettes. This time around they’re even better because they are body skimming, sans huge shoulder pads and so are the epitome of graceful, fluid line.

I covet the entire fall RTW line from Akris! The photo above, from their runway show, is perfect for early fall. Look at those narrow pants–they’ll make anybody look tall and slim! I’m glad, as well, to see some suede. I think it’s really classy. Continue reading “Fall Wardrobe ’08–Part 2”

The Casual Pants Dilemma–from You Look Fab

Yesterday I was doing my “going on vacation routine”. Today we’re leaving for the 4th of July weekend to visit my 93 year old mother-in-law in Farmtown, USA. I love going to Farmtown, it’s such a refreshing change from the absurdity of the entitled North Shore.

My next Project MyWay garment has been sitting on my cutting table, laid out, all week–a pair of green linen shorts to go with my Project MyWay # 9 the DVF blouse. I was hoping to take this outfit to Farmtown along with a sundress that never even made it to the cutting table. Typical. So, in a scary thunderstorm, I ran to the mall to see what The Gap had on sale.

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Fall Wardrobe ’08–Part 1

Even though I still have dozens of summer fashion I hope to stitch up, I guess it’s time to start gathering ideas for fall. At least I’ll have a place to start when the weather starts turning (because you know I’ll probably wait that long to start my fall wardrobe–I need to get in the mood).

Here’s an article from You Look Fab that outlines the major trends for fall. The photo is a new Donna Karan outfit at Neiman Marcus–a good season spanning look.

Hints of Autumn from You Look Fab