Project MyWay #1–Black Silk Skirt Alteration

I call my sewing projects Project MyWay because I’m a self-taught seamstress and sometimes I do things in an unorthodox way. I don’t really care if it’s the “right” way, as long as I get professional results.

Check out my post titled “Welcome to The Feed Dog” to find out how I purchased this skirt (it was marked down almost $600!). The skirt has a strange fit. It fits in the hips if I roll the waistband over about 2 1/2″. I want it to be about 2 1/2″ shorter so I’m going to cut the top off and make a facing at the new waistline. I’m going to leave the zipper in place–it’s too much trouble to take it out and lower it because the skirt is lined. As long as I can get into it, I don’t really care if the zipper is short.

Here is the TSE silk skirt. You can see at the bottom, the back is longer than the front. I don’t know if this is part of the design, but I’m going to fix that too. There are pleats at the side fronts and in the back. Tomorrow I’ll start to take it apart.

Ta-ta for now.

TSE Black Silk Skirt


Welcome to The Feed Dog!

I’m excited to come to a time in my life when I can make sewing a top priority. I’m an almost empty-nester (youngest of three kids is a senior in high school) and my honey is supportive emotionally and financially. My working life is very tolerable and I have a loving ear to which I can bounce ideas off of and crazy plans for becoming a famous blogger.

I want to use my stash, try new patterns and techniques, update my sewing room, organize my tomes of magazine and web pictures, find new fabric and notion resources and establish relationships with other sewing bloggers.

Where to begin? I need and outfit for an evening out on April 12th and I want to look good! It’s always easier for me to design an outfit when I have an occasion in mind and this is a good one. I look for opportunities to dress-up a little and we’ll be going into the city for dinner and a concert.  

I bought a great black silk skirt by TSE at Off Fifth (Saks Fifth Avenue outlet), marked down from $675 to $54. I can see why no one picked it up, it’s very long and lean, only a six foot 100 lb. string bean could wear it. This is one of my favorite advantages of sewing–I’m going to cut it off at the waist (to keep the pleats at the bottom) and shorten it to knee length. This will make the waist bigger (it is currently the hip area). I think it will work.

Then, I’m going use a fabric from my stash to copy a top by Nanette Lepore that I saw at Nieman As soon as I figure out how to post pictures I’ll show you everything I’m planning on.

Then the piece de resistance–accessories. I bought a great pair of booties ($75) at the end of the season sale at Macy’s and I can’t wait to wear them. (Especially because I’m afraid they’ll look dated next winter.) And the fun stuff, because this outfit will cost less than $150 to pull together, I can splurge on some new earrings or other jewelry to top it off. (I love being able to sew!)

 Ta-ta for now!

Nanette Lepore at Neiman Marcus